Need a Push?

I read through 2 Timothy last night.  Check out just a few of the imperatives in these 4 short chapters.  Paul told Timothy… fan into flame the gift of God, do not be ashamed, join with me in suffering, guard the good deposit, be strong, endure hardship, do your best to handle God’s Word accurately, flee evil desires, preach the Word, keep your head in all situations.

Paul was pushing Timothy.  Pushing him to exercise the gifts God had given him.  Pushing him to overcome the stronghold of fear that had a grip on his life.  Pushing him to be strong in his leadership.

You know it is easy to find someone to encourage me, but finding someone to push me is a little trickier.  I want that “pusher” to be someone who knows me, knows my gifts, my passion, my strengths and sees how those work together to make up who God has created me to be.   I want my “pusher” to be someone who believes in me, who sees me bigger than what I really am, who sees a God sized potential in me.  I want my “pusher” to be someone who loves me, who wants to walk beside me and do life with me and go with me to the end.

Do you have a “pusher” in your life?  If not, take a risk and invite someone to give you a push this week.  And just as importantly, are you being a “pusher” to someone you know, love and believe in?

3 Replies to “Need a Push?”

  1. AMEN! Mac, you are this for me. Thank you so much for being my encourager and pusher! I am so grateful for you.

  2. Great insight Mac. We need three kinds of relationships in our lives…1st a Paul as a mentor, 2nd a Barnabas as an encourager and lastly a Timothy as a mentee. Our choice of a Paul is both critical and difficult because he must not only be “apt to teach” but also one that is able and willing to PUSH us. The PUSH factor is huge…I have not seen that before. Paul said to the church, “you have many instructors but not many fathers.” The father characteristic may be what gives a person the will to push us even when it may risk ruffling our feathers so to speak. Personally, I have many who teach but not any to push. Pray that I will find one.

    1. Wow, great insight. I think you are right, that fatherly charateristicstic gives us the will to push. That so describes Paul’s relationship with Timothy. Thanks for your insight.

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