Pathways to Discipleship

Last week I had the chance to hang out with my friend Heather Zempel the Discipleship Pastor at National Community Church.  Heather has a strong passion for group life and is a great thinker in the area of discipleship.  When she first went on staff at NCC her lead pastor Mark Batterson empowered her to think through how discipleship should best be accomplished.  This led her on a quest to study church history and discover how the church has grown disciples down through the ages.  Her insights are facinating and in this short video she gives an overview of what she learned on this journey.  Trust me you will enjoy the content in this brief clip.  Also Heather has captured these lessons in dyanmic new workbook that has just been released with Lifeway titled Sacred Roads.  If you’re looking for a fresh new study for your small group give Sacred Roads a try.  Make sure you check out  Heathers blog by CLICKING HERE and follower her on twitter @heatherzempel.

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  1. I was blessed to hear Heather speak at our Church and have been following their Church ever since! Not only is she creative, she’s bright, kind and extremely helpful. She is a blessing!

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