The Better Approach to Leadership Development

Approach #1

Talk, talk, talk. Talk, talk, talk, talk. Talk some more, a little bit more, and just a little more. And now end by talking.

Approach #2

Ask a question. Another question, another and yet another. Ask a self-assessment question. Ask an observation question. Ask about their point of view.  Ask about their past experience.  Ask their opinion.  And ask an insight question.

Now share an insight from your experience. Now back to asking a question.  Another question and another question.

I’ll leave it to you to decide which you believe is the better approach.

One Reply to “The Better Approach to Leadership Development”

  1. Interesting timing for this post. This afternoon, I met with my bosses boss about upcoming changes and possible promotional leadership opportunities in my department in the coming months. I started with a question or two and sat back and listened. I learned a lot!

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