What’s the Problem with Your Leaders?

You’re frustrated because your new leader isn’t working out like you thought. When they first started they were so enthusiastic. But now their commitment is waning, they seem complacent and if you’re honest they’re not being very effective.

This scenario is repeating itself way more frequently than you’d like and you’re getting discouraged. So you find yourself in that same old place of asking, “What’s wrong with these people?”

If this is a reoccurring issue then chances are you don’t have a people problem, you have a system problem.

Think of someone in your area of ministry that fits this scenario. Now let’s ask some diagnostic questions:

  • Did you screen them ahead of time by having them complete a questionnaire identifying their Gifts, Passion, Personality and past experiences?
  • Did you give them a season to pray and observe the ministry in action before they said “Yes” to serving in the role?
  • Did you meet with them 1-1 to discuss role and responsibilities?
  • Did more than one person interview them and agree they were the right person for the role?
  • Did you give them a written role description and go over it with them?
  • Did you provide training in the specific skills you expect for that role?
  • Are you providing ongoing communication, support and development?
  • Are you providing feedback on their strengths and growth areas?
  • Are you providing the opportunity for peer to peer learning?

Most leaders haven’t received this type of systematic onboarding and development. So let me ask: Is the Core Problem THEIR SKILL or is the Core Problem YOUR SYSTEM?   A strong system can produce a strong leader.

2 Replies to “What’s the Problem with Your Leaders?”

  1. Pastor Mac,
    I am always encouraged and edified by the wisdom you bring to leadership in the church! I appreciate all that you do.
    There are two things I would add to your diagnostic.
    – Did you express to them how their role advances the mission and vision of the church?
    – Are you continually showing them how their ministry is having a positive impact on advancing the mission and vision?
    These two points connect the whats and the hows with the why. Energy and excitement come when we know that what we are doing and how we are doing those things makes an impact and has a purpose that is greater than ourselves.

    Chuck Kanupp

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