Need Help with Your Leadership Pipeline?

When I ask pastors, “What is your leadership development strategy?”  I only get one of two answers.  Some are honest and say, “We don’t have one.”  Others hesitate for a moment and say, “Well ours is organic,” which means, they don’t have one.

I just returned from a trip to New England where I wrapped up a Leadership Pipeline training with 16 churches.  Over the past seven months, I have personally worked with these leaders to build out the Structure, System, Content and People portions of their pipeline.  It has been amazing seeing these churches who had no leadership development strategy work hard and create an intentional leadership development strategy that actually results in new leaders.

I asked for testimonies at the end of the training and Larry, the Exec Pastor of one of the churches, said the Leadership Pipeline training has been a game changer for them.  This church is growing at an amazing 40% rate this year.  As a result of the training, they have raised up a group of new coaches AND get this…VOLUNTEER Directors!

Kristine, who heads up leadership development, for a 3-year-old church plant that runs 300 told me that the Pipeline training has given them a strategic way to equip their leaders and their leaders are loving it. She shared that each month after our group sessions she would go back and teach what she was learning to her key leaders.

Imagine what could happen in your church if you equip and empower lay people to lead at higher levels like this!  This is one thing that the Leadership Pipeline training can do for you.

In just a few short weeks, on August 21 & 22, David Putman and I will kick off another Leadership Development Pipeline Co::Lab in Atlanta, GA.  We have room for three more church teams (Limit 10).

We, Auxano, have been taking dozens of church teams through this process since 2013 and are seeing some amazing results.

During this Co::Lab you will benefit from….

  • 20 principles for creating a culture of Leadership Pipeline Development
  • We will give you dozens of Tools, templates, and techniques for developing leaders
  • A template to guide you in building your own systems
  • Development of a learning path for every level of your pipeline
  • An action planning guide for use between sessions
  • Coaching calls between each session
  • Peer learning environment limited to 10 church teams

Most important you will benefit from the development of your very own Leadership Pipeline.

For the details click here, and to start a conversation simply email me at and we will personally reach out to you.