3 Disciplines that Will Make You a Better Teacher

I never want to grow stale as a trainer. After so many years of developing others, it’s tempting to put it on cruise control. That’s why I work to maintain certain disciplines as a trainer. Here are three things I want to do every time I train:

  1. I want to learn something new about the topic before I teach it.
  2. I want to maintain the posture of a learner by seeking to learn something new during the session from the learners.
  3. I want to process through each exercise and question in advance so I can be focused and flexible during the session.

These are three disciplines I believe will make me a better trainer.

What’s one discipline¬†you want to maintain every time you train?

One Reply to “3 Disciplines that Will Make You a Better Teacher”

  1. One discipline to maintain: always showing up “first.” Literally. But figuratively, too. Meaning: being prepared and taking responsibility for the environment.

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