Breaking Through the Spiritual Growth Wall

A few months ago I had the chance to hang out with Dwight Mason, senior pastor of Newpointe Church a 3 campus multisite church near Canton, Ohio.  Dwight is passionate leadership and the spiritual health of leaders.  In this 3 minute video Dwight shares why we hit spiritual growth walls and what we need to do to push through the wall as spiritual leaders.   Make sure you check out Dwights blog by CLICKING HERE.

2 Replies to “Breaking Through the Spiritual Growth Wall”

  1. I *loved* the video – and grinned from ear to ear at the 2:40 point saying that to break thru the wall you need another person, a spiritual friend. That’s exactly what I told a group of guys this morning when we discussed the huge need for mentoring!

    Are you able to pass on a message to Dwight?? I did ‘click here’ for his blog, and was shocked/disappointed to find no ability to comment, no contact address, and no reference to him being on twitter. On the front page of his blog he talked about a Community Impact day that i thought was super creative – but couldn’t give him a shout out for this or the video here 🙂

    Thanks — Larry

  2. Dear Mac,

    PTL for His timely supply of this clip. I am going to deal with this area and so thankful for this understand.


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