Finding Freedom from Your Insecurities

I had the privieldge of speaking this past week at Seacoast Church kicking off a new series called Liberated.  What made it really special was my son Brandon was one of the worship leaders this weekend.  This was the first time he and I had the chance to partner and do a service together. 

The message was titled:  Finding Freedom from Your Insecurities.  When fear and insecurity grip our life we create self-imposed boundaries that limit our freedom, joy, potential, dreams and possibilities.  And this inevitably produces painful regrets in our life. 

We typically blame past failures, rejection, abuse or unfair expectations for our insecurities.  While these are certainly contributing factors, they aren’t truly what’s at the root of a believers insecurities.  Understand, if these external factors are the things that determine our insecurities then we will never overcome our insecurities because we live in a world where we experience these things everday. So why do fear and insecurity get so deeply rooted our soul that they influence our attitudes and behaviors in such negative ways? As believers our insecurities ultimately are rooted in a lack of understanding our identity in Christ. In this message you’ll discover that Understanding your identity in Christ will free you from the insecurities that limit your possibilities.

To watch the message CLICK HERE, then click the white arrow in the black box that says Liberated.