All Access Internship

In 2008 Seacoast Church decided to create an internship for those who feel called to ministry. Well, on June 1,2009 we finished our first year and graduated our first interns.  The purpose of All Access is to equip future leaders for the church. The internship lasts 10 months and goes through three phases: Leading Yourself, Leading Others and Leading Leaders.

Throughout the year interns work up close and personal with a pastor-mentor in a specific area of ministry, while at the same time spend a couple of hours a week with me to talk about biblical leadership and get a broad perspective of the inner workings of a mega church. This coming Monday we kick off our second year with four new interns. I will be posting videos of intern activities throughout the year so you can follow some of their progress along the way.

The video below is an interview I did with Chris Shimanek one of our interns who graduated this past year. Chris was hired out of the All Access Internship by Metrosouth Church in Taylor, MI, to serve as their small groups pastor. 

Chris has a huge passion and strong working knowledge of how a small group ministry should function.  Keep your eye on this guy.  You can follow Chris on Twitter at