Lead with Your Strengths

A few weeks ago my friend Allan Kelsey, founder of Leading Leaders, came to Seacoast Church to train our Campus Pastors and key leaders to lead with their strengths.  I asked Allan to make a short training video that we could use to train all Seacoast employees.  Feel free to use this training with your staff, all you need to do is purchase the book Now Discover Your Strengths, watch the video and follow the steps outlined below.

In this module, we will discuss leading with your strengths. To begin, please be sure that you have a copy of Marcus Buckingham’s Now Discover Your Strengths book. You can refer to the back inside back cover for your individual access code. You will visit www.strengthsfinder.com to take your individual assessment. This will give you your top 5 strengths.

Please note, you can not share access codes. Once you have used your code, you will create a log in using your email address. You can only gain access to this site and your results via your email account and log in. Once you have taken your survey, please send your results to your supervisor.


  • Think: What percentage of your time do you operate in your strengths? What percentage of your time do you operate in your weaknesses?
  • Watch the video from Allan Kelsey from Leading Leaders.
  • Read pages 1- 79 in the Now Discover Your Strengths. Then take the online assessment to recieve your individual results. Next,  read the description of your top five strengths provided in the back of the book. You will also receive this explanation in an email with your results.


  • Journal: Keep a journal this week capturing moments you find yourself using your strengths. Write down how it feels, what it looks like, what were you doing when you were using one of your strengths?
  • Discuss: Ask someone close to you to help you identify how they see these strengths being used in your life.


  • Meet with your mentor to identify and discuss your individual strengths.
  • Talk about some of the following questions in your meeting:
    • What percentage of your time do you operate in your strengths?  What percentage of your time do you operate in your weaknesses?
    • What stood out to you from Allan’s video teaching?  What stood out to you the most from your reading in Now Discover Your Strengths?
    • Were you surprised by the results of your assessment? Which Strength do you see the most in your life? Which one suprised you the most?
    • What is one specific concept that has challenged your thinking about strength based leadership?
    • Why do you think it is important to take the time to understand the strengths of others on our team?
    • How will a focus on your strengths change your daily activities?
    • What will you do next week to spend a greater percentage of your time using your strengths?
    • Is there anything that needs to be adjusted in your current job description?