Leadership Lessons from Michael Scott: Innovation

Leaders foster an environment of innovation.  Enjoy the following clip from the Office (one of my favorites, this one is hilarious).  Scroll down for three tips for fostering an innovative environment.

Three Keys for Fostering an Innovating Environment

  1. Be a collector of ideas. Recognize that 9 out of 10 ideas are bad, therefore insist on a constant flow of ideas that will keep your organizations fresh and on the cutting edge.
  2. Understand that all of us are smarter than one of us.  Don’t be the only source of new ideas in your organization, encourage others input and suggestions.  Use team meetings periodically to do brainstorming and allow out of the box thinking to take place freely.
  3. Don’t be Overly critical of others ideas.  Sometimes innovation is shut down in a organization because the leader tends to say “no” instead of “let’s talk about this”.  Work with people to shape their ideas instead of just shutting down their ideas.  

What did you learn from Michael Scott’s example?

World Changing Ideas

This week I’ve been in Dallas participating in the Ideation Experience.  Leadership Network invited people from around the world to share “World changing Ideas” that would advance the gospel over the next 10 years. It’s been fascinating being here listening to all the innovative ideas presented by highly committed Christ followers.  Through the 3 day process 10 ideas were selected as the top ideas and will be presented at this years Catalyst Conference.  I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Willard who is facilitating this experience.  In this video interview Chris shares the vision of the Ideation Experience. 

Chris Willard from Maclake on Vimeo.