Reducing Costly Mistakes

Mistakes both big and small are costly.  Every day organizations lose time, money, influence, customers, employees or a good reputation because of mistakes.  The big one’s hurt you quickly and deeply.  The little one’s hurt you slowly and subtly.  This is why leaders have to pay close attention to the execution of their plans, systems and processes.  Disciplined execution reduces mistakes and develops good organizational habits.

This is why football coaches have their team spend hours practicing blocking and tackling, baseball coaches have their infield rehearse double plays over and over, basketball coaches make their players shoot freethrows again and again. They understand the importance of the disciplined execution of the basics.

Are some things not going as you’d like?  Take a close look at how you’re executing some of the basics in your organization.

Are You Executing with Discipline?

Usually when something isn’t working we immediately begin to look for something new to replace it.  When a management approach isn’t working we change our management approach, when a program isn’t working we change programs, when a system isn’t working we change systems, or when a strategy isn’t working we change strategies. 

This type of change or abandonment is sometimes necessary.  But too much change can lead to a continual starting over and have a destabilizing effect in your organization.  Staff will lose confidence, become cynical and fail to comply to the continual changes.

So next time something isn’t working in your organization instead of looking for something new, first  ask “why”.  Examine your execution to find out why it’s not working like you want.  You may discover that you have a good management approach, solid program, wise process or workable strategy that just hasn’t been executed well.    Understand that the disciplined execution of the right process leads to success.  Evaluate before abandoning, it may save you a lot of starting over and end up being the best thing for your organization.

This Weeks Leadership Challenge:  Evaluate one thing in your organization that isn’t working like you want.  What needs to be done to improve the execution?