What I Know About Vision- Greg Surratt

In Janurary Seacoast Church hosted a Leaders Conference for the leaders from all 13 of our campuses on one night via webcast. With over 1200 leaders attending together we learned how to catch and cast vision for our family, workplace and ministry.  The video below is the first portion of the Leaders Conference featuring Pastor Greg Surratt who talked about “What I know About Vision”.  Watch the video and follow the steps below to help you apply these principles. 

Every Tuesday for the next 4 weeks I will be posting one video from the different conference speakers which included:  Reggie Joiner (How to Cast Vision for your Family), Ray Snyder (How to Cast Vision in the Workplace), and Steven Furtick (How to Cast vision as a Ministry Leader).  Enjoy!

Leadership Conference – 2010 – Greg Surratt from Seacoast Church on Vimeo.


1.  Watch Pastor Greg’s teaching on Vision and take notes in the space below

What I know About Vision

  • A clear vision _______________________ in your life.
  • A clear vision ________________________ to keep moving forward
  • A clear vision ________________________________
  • A clear vision _______________________________ of other people

How to Get a Vision

  • Create _________________ in your life to listen to God.
  • Ask God to _______________________ in the process.
  • Keep a ________________________
  • Write the _____________________________ of what the future looks like.
  • Set ___________________ so every day you get closer to the vision.

2. Set aside several hours and write “the story” of the future for your family, work and/or ministry.  Follow the five steps Pastor Greg listed in his talk.

3.  Identify the major distractions that are keeping you from being lazer focused on your vision.  What adjustments do you need to make in your schedule to gain greater clarity and focus?

4.  Buy a good book on vision and read it over the next 30 days.  Here are a few good reads…

Put Some Life in Your Goal Setting

Why is it that each time you inform everyone that it’s time to establish new goals there seems to be a collective groan heard throughout the organization?  We know goals are necessary to establish clear performance expectations, measure progress and provide accountability.  But while that last sentence is true…it just doesn’t inspire or motivate people to put their goals in writing.  There are many reasons people don’t like to set goals (a post for another day) but one of the biggest is goal setting is boring.  We have to write out a specific statement that can be measured by a realistic number to be accomplished by a certain time…zzzzzz.    

Desiring to put some life in our goal setting process at Seacoast Church this year we decided to take a different approach.  Influenced by a post by Donald Miller, (CLICK HERE to see that post)  we laid out our goals in story. Story puts heart and soul in your goals.  So last week at All Staff meeting our Senior Pastor Greg Surratt invites us to join him at Starbucks January 2011 and look back at what happened at Seacoast in 2010.  He tells a story that helped us get an idea of what God wants to do in our church this year.  Check out this video to see how it went. (You can fast forward the first two minutes to get to the beginning of his goal talk)

Seacoast All Staff Meeting 1/26/10 from Seacoast Church on Vimeo.