Reproducing Your DNA with Pastor Jeff Leake

I had the chance to sit down recently with Pastor Jeff Leake from Allison Park Church near the Pittsburg area.  Jeff has a huge heart for leadership development and church planting.  In this video he shares some great insights about helping transfer values in the leadership development process.  Scroll down below the video to see my takeaways.

My Takeaways

  • Values are more caught than taught
  • Leadership development is the key  to transfering values
  • Leaders have to be a part of a culture for a signficant time in order to really catch the values of an organization
  • We must have intentional conversations with those we are developing about our DNA and values
  • It’s not until a potential leader gets out on his own that his values are really tested
  • We have to allow people to learn through failure
  • It is essential that we keep an ongoing relationship of influence with those we have developed, coaching, encouraging and resourcing them.