What If…

What would you do with 5.2 Trillion dollars?  The possibilities are unfathomable.  Well none of us as Americans have 5.2 trillion dollars, but ALL of us do together.  That’s how much wealth Americans control.  Now consider this…many of the people that control that 5.2 trillion dollars go to our churches.  What if  we could influence how they gave it?  What if God wrecked our hearts for the poor?  What if  just a portion of the 5.2 trillion went to help the worlds poor?  What if  we caught a vision to make a difference? 

These were the type of questions running through the minds of the leadership at Cross Point Church in Nashville Tennessee where Pete Wilson serves as the Lead Pastor.  I had the opportunity recently to hang out Cross Points Executive Director Jenni Catron and discuss an idea they have implemented at Cross Point, an idea that could literally change the world. 

Check out this video and begin to ask yourself the question…What if…?