The Eyes of a Leader

Have you seen God lately?  How about last week? Yesterday? Today?  When I see God show up it does something to me as a leader, I’m amazed, overwhelmed and inspired. Every time I see God come through my faith is renewed, my dependence increased, my confidence enlarged.  When I see God move I’m humbled and encouraged.  When I see God at work my passion intensifies, my courage soars and my vision is emboldened.

In those seasons I don’t see God it’s not because He’s not there, it’s because I’m not looking. So if seeing God is so beneficial why do I sometimes stop looking for Him?  I don’t know if it’s busyness, sinfulness or a combination of both but I do know there are times I don’t see God,.

Those are dangerous times. Dangerous because it indicates the eyes of my heart have gone astray.  Dangerous because the results of my leadership are only as good as “I can” produce.  Dangerous because those who follow me may stop looking for God as well.

This was the problem in Israel during Jeremiah’s day. When Israel had grown spiritually cold God directed his accusation against the leaders in Jeremiah 2:9 when he said, “The priests quit asking: Where is the Lord?”  Wow, the spiritual leaders of the day stopped looking for God.  They no longer lived or lead with a sense of  anticipation and as a result they were no longer witnessing the power of God on their behalf.   

When we stop looking for God we start leaning on ourselves and that’s spiritually destructive not only for us but for those who follow us. 

Leaders what are you looking for God to do?  Where are you looking for God to show up?  How are you asking Him to work?  Are you leading with a sense of anticipation?  Where do you expect to see God today?