Casting Vision for Your Family – Reggie Joiner

A few weeks ago we asked Reggie Joiner, President of Rethink, to speak at our Seacoast Leaders Conference.  The focus of the conference was on how to cast vision in your home, market place and ministry. Knowing about his strong passion for family we asked Reggie if he would talk to us about vision casting as a mom and dad.  Watch this 10 minute video then scroll  below for some action steps to further your learning.

Leadership Conference – 2010 – Reggie Joiner from Seacoast Church on Vimeo.


1.  Watch Reggies Video and write down the key concepts

Three Dials we’re constantly turning as a parent…

  • Relationship with _____________ – The Wonder Dial
    Nothings more important than someones relationship with God.
  • Relationship with _____________  – The Discovery Dial
    Help your child to understand their identity is not in a job, a relationship or anything else.  Their identiy is in Christ.
  • Relationship with ______________ – The Passion Dial
    Jesus was a living example of giving our lives for others.  If Jesus is in your and he came to give his life to others then doesn’t it makes sense that He wants you to give your life for others?  We must teach our children to live with a sense of mission. 

2. Set aside an hour this week and write down the vision you believe God has for your family.  After writing it down share it with your children and get their input and perspective.

3.  As a family discuss an activity that you can all do together to live out an aspect of your family vision.  Make it an adventure that will create some special memories. 

4.  Write each of your children a personal letter expressing your belief in them and how you see God at work in their future.

5.  Read one of the following articles from Focus on the Family and discuss it with your spouse. 

Check back next Tuesday for Ray Snyders talk about How to Cast Vision in the Marketplace.