Leadership Training for African Pastors

Today I’m boarding a plane  for Togo Africa.  I’m excited about this amazing opportunity to do leadership training with a group of pastors who are serving in a very tough territory.  I’d like to ask you to pray for us during this trip.  Here are a few specific requests:

  • Pray that the pastors we’re training will be encouraged, inspired and learn practical leadership skills that will increase their leadership influence.  For several years now Seacoast Church has partnered with Pioneers Togo to support their efforts of planting churches for unreached people groups.  These pastors are truly on the front-line of ministry and our desire is for God to use us to energize and encourage these men.  Pray for those accompanying me @jasonsurratt our Missions Pastor and @ernestsmith our Young Adult Pastor.
  • Pray that God will direct us to one or two specific communities that He wants to do a special work in.  As part of our mission we will be identifying a couple of communities that are in need of clean water.  Water Missions International Kenyan Country Director will be joining us to help assess where the greatest need may be.  Once the community is identified we will work with the local church there to install a water system so they can use it as an opportunity to share Christ with their community.
  • Pray that God will keep us safe and protect our health.  We’ve had our 5 shots and are ready to go.  
  • Pray for open doors of opportunity for God to do what He wants to do.
  • Pray for Pastor Francis who heads up Pioneers Togo.  Francis is one of the most amazing leaders I’ve met who has a passionate heart for God and the gospel.  Here is a video where he shares more about his ministry.