Are You Maximizing Your Organizations Brainpower?

There’s a valuable asset in each of our organizations that can bring innovative solutions to some of our most menacing problems.  It’s often overlooked, it’s commonly taken for granted and in fact, some organizations act as if it doesn’t even exist.  Top executives wrestle through major problems making decisions without even consulting this advantage that’s right under their own roof.  As a result some of the best ideas, best solutions and best innovations go undiscovered.

Do you want to know what it is?  The thinking of our own people. 

I served on a small church staff several years ago where it would’ve been very easy for the senior leader to make all the decisions and solve all the problems on his own.  But he knew that between the six of us on his staff we had nearly 200 years of life experience and 50 years of ministry experience.   When we were facing a big challenge he would put us all in the room and engage our best thinking around solutions. Not only did the team come up with great options they walked away feeling valued by the leader and valuable to the team.

Obviously you won’t involve every person in every decision every time but don’t neglect this rich resource that’s available to you at all times. 

What problems are you facing in your organization today?  What are some ways you can solicit the thinking of everyone in the entire organization?