Leadership Wisdom

Here’s a sobering thought:  The reputation of our leadership will be determined by the wisdom of our decisions.  

Leadership requires constant decision making.  Leaders will make mistakes but wisdom will guide your response to those mistakes.  Leaders will face difficult situations but wisdom will provide clarity of thinking and discernment.  Leaders will be pressured to do what is popular but wisdom will steer a leader toward godly convictions.  Wisdom guards the path of the leader who listens to its way.  

But where do you get leadership wisdom?  In Proverbs 8:1-5 Solomon personifies wisdom as he writes, “Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice?  2 On the heights along the way, where the paths meet, she takes her stand; 3 beside the gates leading into the city, at the entrances, she cries aloud:  4 “To you, O men, I call out; I raise my voice to all mankind. 5 You who are simple, gain prudence; you who are foolish, gain understanding.”

Where do you get it?  Anywhere you can.  We are surrounded by wisdom every day.  Are you facing a decision where you need some wisdom?  Pray through the following questions today:

  • What can I read this week to help me gain wisdom?
  • Who can I talk to this week in order gain wisdom?
  • Where can I visit to gain wisdom?
  • What can I listen to in order to gain wisdom?

Leadership wisdom surrounds you; if you listen you will find it.