Managing Change

A few weeks ago we asked Ray Snyder, Professor of Business and Ethics at Trident Technical College in Charleston, SC, to speak at our Seacoast Leaders Conference. Ray has taught more than 125,000 executives and managers in ten nations as a Senior Partner with The Ken Blanchard Companies.  He is passionate about his faith, his family and helping other become better leaders.  Visit Ray’s website at  He is the author of The Business of Families. 

The theme of our conference was Casting Vision.  We asked Ray to address vision casting as a business leader.  Vision always requires change so Ray talked to us about identifying and navigating change. Watch this short video then scroll below for actions steps to further your learning.

Leadership Conference – 2010 – Ray Snyder from Seacoast Church on Vimeo.


1.  Watch Ray’s video and take notes on the key concepts.

Managing the ______________
Understand there will always be a present and future curve to our lives and things inevitably will change.

Know how to train ____________
Understand the influence you have as a leader and strive to have a positive impact on people’s confidence.

How do we cause _______________
Understand that change always involves time and difficulty.   The wise leader takes this into consideration as he navigates change.

2. Set aside an hour and think about the organizational changes you are trying to make.  Ask yourself the following questions:  How is the change going?  What resistance am I getting?  Who are the early adapators and what excites them about the change?  Who are those that are slow to recieve the change?  What are their fears, concerns or worries?  What can I do as a leader to address these?  How well have I communicated in the midst of this change?  What adjustments do I need to make?

3.  Read the article How Successful People Think, by John Maxwell.  Print out the six step process, keep it out on your desk for a whole week and practice the process of right thinking.  ClICK HERE FOR ARTICLE.

4.  Read one of the following books about Change: