Leadership Scouts

Are you looking for some new leaders?  All of us are.  If you have pressing leadership needs maybe it’s time to rethink your recruitment strategy.   

Many leaders are knocking themselves out trying to find new talent.  Being a solo talent scout is extremely exhausting, not to mention limiting.  If I’m scouting for leaders by myself I’m limited to my scope of influence.  If I know 20 people, my pool for recruiting new leaders is limited to those 20 people.  But think of what could happen if you had a team of talent scouts.

I have a friend who is a scout for the Atlanta Braves Major League baseball team.  But that’s not his fulltime job, he’s actually a fulltime pastor.  He’s one of many part-timers who serve as a scout in a specific region of the country for the Braves.  The Braves management realize they have limited scope, but if they employee more eyes they have greater chance of discovering greater talent.

Talk to your current leaders and empower them to help identify and recruit new potential leaders.  If you continue to do it all on your own  you’ll be limited to the people you know and the potential you see.  So release your current leaders to be leadership scouts and you’ll soon start finding some exciting new talent. 

This Weeks Leadership Challenge:  Ask three or four of your leaders to be leadership scouts and help you identify and recruit potential new leaders.