Steven Furtick: Transferring Vision

A few weeks ago we asked Steven Furtick, lead pastor at Elevation Church, to speak at our Seacoast Leaders Conference.  This is a conference we do for all Seacoast leaders two times a year as a development opportunity.  Our focus was on how to cast vision in your home, market place and ministry area.  Steven did a phenominal job in this 8 minute video sharing key principles for our lay leaders to cast vision in their area of ministry.  Watch the video then scroll below for action steps.

Leadership Conference – 2010 – Steven Furtick from Seacoast Church on Vimeo.


  1. Watch Steven’s video and take notes on the key concepts.
    • Reinforcing key cultural _______________ and ____________________.
    • Always _______________ and _____________________ your personal support of the vision.
    • It’s always ____________ and never _________________.
  2. Work with your ministry team and discuss ways to reinforce the vision of the church in your particular ministry area.  What are key buzz words that are used to reinforce the vision? 
  3. Read George Barna’s article Unleashing the Church through Lay Leadership.  What stood out to you the most from this article?  Discuss it with your ministry team.
  4. Read the blog post “How I Tripled my Clarity in 7 Days” by Will Mancini.  Discuss the level of clarity you feel you have in your area of ministry and your personal life.