Don’t Wallow in Your Weaknesses

There are some things I’m just not good at.  I’m not good with details, organizational communication or follow up…just to name a few.  And the truth is regardless how hard I try I will still be bad at these things.  Oh, I may be able to improve slightly but these will never be my strengths. 

But there is a little voice in my head that tells me, “You need to be a balanced leader.  You should be good at … (fill in the weakness).”  It’s that voice that influences me hold on to certain responsibilities instead of delegating them to someone more skilled.  And when I refuse to give up the things I’m not good at I’m simply wallowing in my weaknesses.

Here are four reasons to stop wallowing in Your weaknesses.

My Organization deserves better.  If my organization has entrusted me with a job then they are depending on me for results.  So if I cannot deliver on the results because of a weakness I should delegate to someone on my team who can help.

It drains me.  It’s really odd but if I spend time doing something I am good at (a strength) then it seems to give me more energy.  But when I spend time doing  something I’m not good at it drains me.  And when I’m drained I can’t give my best thinking and creativity to the organization.

I rob someone else of the joy of using their strengths.  I cannot tell you how many times I have felt guilty delegating a task to someone because that particular task drains me…so I assume it drains them.  But when I ask them to do it they are thrilled because it’s allowing them to use their gifts and strengths.

I lose time.  When I am operating in my weakness a task takes me longer.  So the thing that may take me four hours may only take someone else one hour.

We all fall into this because our culture has told us we are supposed to be “well balanced”  But the most effective leaders are those who are imbalanced.  They know what they ‘re good at and they do those things.

What adjustments do you need to make at the start of your week to ensure you are operating in your strengths?