The Leaders #1 Value

What’s a Leaders # 1 Value?  Some would say Excellence – how can you draw a crowd if you’re being mediocre?  Some would say Growth – If an organization isn’t growing then it’s dying.  Some would say Results –if you’re not getting things done then you’re wasting your time. 

 These are good values but I believe the leaders #1 value has to be Spiritual Leadership.  Spiritual leadership is walking with God, hearing His voice, sensing His prompting, and, as Blackaby puts it, “moving people on to God’s agenda”.  But if I’m honest there are times I put excellence over Spiritual Leadership, so I make my decisions on what’s going to look good rather than what does God want?  Sometimes I put Growth ahead of Spiritual Leadership so I make my decision based on What will attract a crowd rather than what strategic step does God desire for the organization?  Other times I put results as value #1 so I make my decisions based on how much can I get done, rather than what does God want me to focus on right now?

 While it may seem like a thin line between leadership and spiritual leadership it’s actually a vast expanse.  You see when I’m just “leading” then I’m operating in my own wisdom, my own will and accomplish what “I” can do.  But when I fully submit and attune my leadership to God then I discover His wisdom, His will and I begin to see Him do what only He can do.  When spiritual leadership is my #1 leadership value then all the other values fall into their proper place.

 What values do you find that compete with Spiritual Leadership in your own life?