Leadership Liabilities

I was at the Right Now Conference in Dallas recently with Alan Danielson and as we sat in the greenroom he was sharing some concepts about leadership liabilities that I really enjoyed.  So, since I had my new handy, dandy Iphone 4 by my side I asked him to share his thoughts on this video.  The picture isn’t real great but the content is.

Check out Alan’s blog at www.3threat.net.  While there I encourage you to check out Alan’s latest Ebook Christmas Reboot, 25 short devotional readings, complete with activities for the whole family.  You can see a sample right HERE If you’re looking for a new plan that works with a family…you’ll want to take a look at Christmas Reboot.  At $7.99, you might even want to buy several and send them on to your friends.

Longing to See God’s Hand in Your Life

Do you ever find yourself in that place where you’re desperate to see the hand of God in your life?  You’re confused, hurting, bored or anxious and you just want to see God do something in your life.  Many of you have been asking about the story behind my calling to make a transition from Seacoast to help start up a new church planting network based out of Atlanta called The Launch Network.  Below is the video where I shared my story with Seacoast Church at the First Wednesday service in July.  In this message I share how God worked in my and Cindy’s heart to prepare us for this new challenge. If you are longing to see the hand of God in your life, I hope you find our story encouraging to your own journey.

First Wednesday July 2010 – Mac Lake from Seacoast Church on Vimeo.

Breaking Through the Spiritual Growth Wall

A few months ago I had the chance to hang out with Dwight Mason, senior pastor of Newpointe Church a 3 campus multisite church near Canton, Ohio.  Dwight is passionate leadership and the spiritual health of leaders.  In this 3 minute video Dwight shares why we hit spiritual growth walls and what we need to do to push through the wall as spiritual leaders.   Make sure you check out Dwights blog by CLICKING HERE.

Coaching: Helping Leaders go Further Faster

I was in Palm Springs recently when I had the opportunity to meet with Dave DeVries  of OC US Ministries.  Dave has been a church planter and today coaches church planters around the world.  He has extensive experience as a certificated coach so I asked Dave in this short video to give us some practical insights on coaching those we lead.  You can follow Dave on Twitter @davedv and check out his blog at www.missionalchallenge.com  Before you push play on the video make sure you get out a pen and paper so you can take notes!

Untitled from Maclake on Vimeo.

Lead Like a Madman

Cindy and I were in Palm Springs CA last week so I could speak at the Missionary Church Western District Annual Conference.  After the conference we took a couple of extra days to relax and enjoy the sites.   As we were hiking through the mountains we hit a spot that reminded me of the story of Jehu in 2 Kings 9-10.  So having my trusty Flip video camera with me I shot a little leadership moment video.  Jehu always reminds me to lead with a God-inspired urgency.  While he made his mistakes he was commended by God for getting the job done.  2 Kings 10:30 “The LORD said to Jehu, “Because you have done well in accomplishing what is right in my eyes and have done to the house of Ahab all I had in mind to do, your descendants will sit on the throne of Israel to the fourth generation.”

Jehu from Maclake on Vimeo.

Establishing Healthy Boundaries in Ministry

In this 10 minute training video my friend Chip Judd explains how to establish healthy boundaries in ministry. Have someone you’re mentoring watch the video and then follow the process below to reinforce the principles.  Or you may want to use it with your team.

Chip is a professional counselor who has been counseling individuals, marriages, and families for almost twenty years. His driving desire in is to see people experience and enjoy real freedom and lasting change.  To learn more about Chip go to www.chipjudd.com or follow him on Twitter @chipjudd.

All Staff 03/09 – Boundaries, by Chip Judd from Seacoast Church on Vimeo.


Watch: Chip Judd’s video discussion on boundaries in ministry.

Journal: Think through the following questions and write your answers in a journal and be prepared to discuss these with your mentor.

  1. Write down two or three things that stood out to you the most from Chips teaching?
  2. Where do you have the most difficult time setting healthy boundaries? Personal life, relationship, Work, Spiritual life.
  3. Rate yourself on how easy or hard it is to say “no”. (1 – easy; 10 – hard) Explain your answer.
  4. Are there things you’re allowing inside your “circle” that is not your responsibility?
  5. Do you have any feelings of resentment toward anyone because you have allowed them to violate your boundaries?
  6. What makes it so difficult to set healthy boundaries in ministry?


Do the following activities to reinforce what you are learning about healthy boundaries.

Assess: In a journal write out a “Stop Doing” list.  Also look at your current job description and evaluate how well it matches what you are actually doing.  Write down adjustments you need to make.  Ask to meet and discuss this with your supervisor.

Practice:  Practice saying “NO”. Not for selfish reasons but for self–care and honesty. Monitor how easy, hard, successful or unsuccessful you are by keeping a journal of when you said “No”; how it felt when you said “No”; and what did you learn from saying “No”?

Plan:  Take 30 minutes to plan your week ahead of time. Decide ahead of time what you will say “Yes” to and what you will say “No” to. Use Microsoft Outlook or your daytimer to chart how you will spend your time this week.  Don’t forget to schedule family time.


Meet with your mentor or team to discuss the following questions:

  1. Where do you have the most difficult time setting healthy boundaries? Personal life, relationship? Work? Spiritual life? Your spiritual life? Your relationships? Your work life?
  2. Rate yourself on how easy or hard it is to say “no”. (1 – easy; 10 – hard) Explain your answer.
  3. What stood out to you the most from Chips teaching?
  4. How did you do with the “Experiences” above? Was it helpful? What did you learn?
  5. What are 3 or 4 principles that can help people establish healthy boundaries?

Finding Freedom from Your Insecurities

I had the privieldge of speaking this past week at Seacoast Church kicking off a new series called Liberated.  What made it really special was my son Brandon was one of the worship leaders this weekend.  This was the first time he and I had the chance to partner and do a service together. 

The message was titled:  Finding Freedom from Your Insecurities.  When fear and insecurity grip our life we create self-imposed boundaries that limit our freedom, joy, potential, dreams and possibilities.  And this inevitably produces painful regrets in our life. 

We typically blame past failures, rejection, abuse or unfair expectations for our insecurities.  While these are certainly contributing factors, they aren’t truly what’s at the root of a believers insecurities.  Understand, if these external factors are the things that determine our insecurities then we will never overcome our insecurities because we live in a world where we experience these things everday. So why do fear and insecurity get so deeply rooted our soul that they influence our attitudes and behaviors in such negative ways? As believers our insecurities ultimately are rooted in a lack of understanding our identity in Christ. In this message you’ll discover that Understanding your identity in Christ will free you from the insecurities that limit your possibilities.

To watch the message CLICK HERE, then click the white arrow in the black box that says Liberated.

How to Build a Healthy Team Culture

A while back Mark Batterson, lead pastor at National Community Church, was at Seacoast Church and we asked him to do an Instant Advice video for our leaders.  In this short video Mark shares some great principles for building a healthy team culture. Mark is the author of multiple books, including In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, Wild Goose Chase and Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity.  You can check out his blog CLICK HERE and follow him on Twitter @markbatterson

How Do I Build A Healthy Team Culture? from Seacoast Church on Vimeo.

Dealing with Difficult Volunteers

I had the opportunity to sit down with Doug Franklin, President of Leadertreks, and ask him some questions about dealing with difficult volunteers.  This short video is packed with some great wisdom on this difficult subject.  You can follow Doug on Twitter @dougfranklin and make sure you subscribe to his blog at www.dougfranklinonline.com

I’d recommend showing this video to your team and then discuss the questions below.

Leadership Discussion 3: Difficult Volunteers from Maclake on Vimeo.


  1. What consequences have you seen when a leader doesn’t deal with a difficult volunteer?
  2. What makes it difficult to confront these issues?
  3. What are some things you have found helpful in addressing a difficult volunteer?
  4. Is there a situation you are facing right now that you aren’t sure how to handle?  Without disclosing too much information or violating a confidence get advice from those you are discussing the video with.
  5. What actions steps do you need to take today to help you be a better manager of your volunteers?