What if the Church…

As many of you know my family and I serve with Water Missions International on a regular basis.  Our friends George and Molly Green, founders of WMI  have an enormous heart and vision to address the worlds water crisis.  WMI’s vision is that no person should perish for want of safe drinking water or an opportunity to hear the “Living Water” message.

Today marks a big opportunity for WMI.  The Willow Creek Leadership Summit kicks off today and word has it that Bill Hybels is going to be talking about Water Missions in his opening talk.  This could open many doors for WMI.  So I ask you to pray for them today that God will open people’s hearts to give to WMI’s efforts and join our cause. 

Also I want to encourage you to check out WMI’s new website called www.whatifthechurch.us  and look for ways you and your church could get involved.

 In the following video I  sat down with Jerry Miner from Water Missions International and we discussed the work of WMI.